Smyth Sisters Fashion Business Card

Smyth Sisters business card

Crown Creative designed these business cards for Smyth Sisters, a carefully curated fashion platform by Irish mother of two Marianne Smyth.

Inspired by Marianne’s distinctive style and her desire to mix classic fashion pieces with new items, Crown Creative strove to do something similar.

Smyth Sisters logo
“We combined a traditional serif with a clean and functional Swiss sans serif. The distinct and unique contrast effortlessly brings old and new together. The result? A beautiful, contemporary brand that’s full of richness and character,” said Ryan Crown, the Creative Director at Crown Creative.

The typography used in this minimalist design are Tofino and Neue Haas Grotesk Pro.

Smyth Sisters tagsSmyth Sisters
According to Ryan, the colours used for the business cards were stripped back to reflect Marianne’s personal minimal, Nordic and Scandi visual aesthetic.

These business cards are yet to be printed. Even so, Ryan did provide some printing suggestions for the cards – blind embossed on thick GF Smith ivory paper.


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Smyth Sisters business cardSmythSisters_website

Designed by Crown Creative


For Smyth Sisters

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