Skymont Studio Graphic Design Business Card

Jonathan Montalvo designed these catchy business cards for Skymont Studio, a company specializes in branding, printing and web design.

Jonathan is the founder of the company and he decided to create the cards with simplicity and call-to-action in mind.

If you look closely at the back of the card, there are a few important questions one should ponder when it comes to branding, with a spot-on reminder that says “Your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is”.

The camera focus frame can be found on both sides of the card, indicating another service provided by the studio – photography.

When it comes to card-printing, Jonathan went with a thick silkscreen card stock and get them printed by MOO.

These small, simple and square shaped business cards are easy to carry while making a memorable impression!


Designed by Jonathan Montalvo

Printed by MOO

For Skymont Studio

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