Shi and Mi Interior Design Studio Business Card

shi&mi business card

Petek Design designed these business cards for Shi and Mi, an interior design studio founded by two interior designers named Shiri and Miri, who specialized mostly in commercial space designs.

Shi&Mi logo

Speaking of the design inspiration, Efrat said, “We thought of a clean yet inviting logo and came up with a soft shape that reminds us of a ‘G clef’. Also, I love these quotes that combine music with space and inspired me to design the branding as such:

‘Art is how we decorate space; Music is how we decorate Time’

‘Music is the space between the notes’

‘Architecture is music in space as it were a frozen music’

These business cards were printed on a white natural cardboard.

shi&mi business cards

Designed by Efrat Elie at Petek Design

For Shi and Mi

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