Señora Tanaka Japanese Restaurant Business Card

The Hungry Design Co. designed these business cards for a Japanese restaurant named Señora Tanaka.

“Señora Tanaka is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that pays homage to her father (S.T.), inheriting the love of food and classic rock with a carnivorous and modern touch,” said Moisés Córdova, the founder of The Hungry Design Co.

On the front side, the card is all about typography and we’re loving this minimal approach with a stamp on the side – very classic and memorable!

“The design is the result of the fusion of these elements experienced unconventional reticules and the combination of Latin typography with Japanese,” Moisés said.

There are in fact three variants for the back design, each with its own unique text arrangement and feel. It’s smart to choose beige as one of the main colours instead of pure white for it gives the business card a neutral, vintage vibe.

Although these business cards are not printed, but they are still fascinating enough to get people look twice.


As for the printing recommendations, Moisés said, “we would have liked them to be made with foil stamping and letterpress-printing on some paper with a bit of texture.”


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Designed by The Hungry Design Co.

For Señora Tanaka

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