Sairme Bakery Business Card

Sairme Bakery business cards

Sophia Guraspashvili and Gvantsa Chijavadze designed these business cards for Sairme Bakery, a Georgian company located at one of the most ecologically clean places in Georgia, using local mineral water to create high quality pastry products.

There are a variety of hot thermal waters in Sairme and each with its very own unique properties. Situated in the Sairme resort, the design goal for the bakery was to create a branding that reflects its uniqueness in using local mineral waters to create tasty, healthy pastry products for locals and tourists alike.

Sairme Bakery logo
“While working on its logo and branding, we used Georgian ornaments and merged them with icons of main ingredients and products of Sairme Bakery to show Georgian character in a simple and modern way,” explained Sophia and Gvantsa, the Graphic Designers at ORI Design Studio.

Sairme Bakery illustrations and iconsSairme Bakery logo and patterns
“We chose plain colours contrasted with the orange colour to tone down the premium look. As for the typeface, we went for FiraGo.”

These business card are not printed but if they were, “We would suggest offset-printing on an uncoated highly textured paper for the business cards,” Sophia and Gvantsa suggested.

Sairme Bakery busines cardSairme Bakery business cardsSairme Bakery menu and cardsSairme Bakery illustrations and patternsSairme Bakery_menu

Designed by Sophia Guraspashvili and Gvantsa Chijavadze at ORI Design Studio

For Sairme Bakery

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