Sage Orville Photographer Business Card

Sage Orville business cards

A Studio designed these business cards for Sage Orville, a photographer and web designer from Massachusetts, USA.

“The client was after a brutalist brand identity with a distinctive bold ‘SO’ monogram that had a subtle nod towards photography,” said Alan Cheetham, the Founder/Design Director at A Studio.

Sage Orville logoSage Orville logo2Sage Orville logos
“The inspiration for the logo was to amalgamate the initials of Sage Orville with an abstract mark that captured a composition through the lens of a camera.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “My expectations for the business cards would have been to have a 3-colour screen-printing process on a recycled textured stock: red on the front, maroon on the reverse while white ink for the logomark and all text. The logomark on the front would also be embossed,” Alan suggested.

Sage Orville businesscardsSage Orville business cards_back Sage Orville businesscardSage Orville Brand guidelines-10 Sage Orville 06_stationery Sage Orville 04_stationery Sage Orville 01_stationerySage Orville Tote bag

Designed by Alan Cheetham at A Studio

For Sage Orville

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