Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary Business Card

Safe Haven business card

Whitnee King designed these business cards for Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary based in Bordertown, South Australia.

“Safe Haven is a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna, including kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, bettongs, possums, cockatoos, galahs, tawny frogmouths, wedge-tailed eagles and many other native species. These animals constantly feature throughout the branding,” Whitnee said.

Safe Haven branding illustration

The business cards are beautifully designed with catchy patterns and beautiful illustrations.

Speaking more about the inspirations behind this fascinating design, she continued, “The branding includes a custom pattern made up of the footprints of some of the primary species found at the sanctuary, as well as custom illustrations of a kangaroo, wombat and cockatoo.”

“The typography is inspired by the wildlife the sanctuary nurtures, imperfect and unique. Many animals still bear the scars of their injuries sustained by car accidents, etc.”

“The colour palette is inspired by Australia’s native flora as well as the vibrance and diversity of the animals that call Safe Haven home,” Whitnee added.


As for card-printing, Whitnee will likely print them through Vistaprint or the local Bordertown Hansen Print Shop.

“They will be produced on a budget, no varnishing or embellishments,” she said.

Safe Haven stationery

Designed by Whitnee King at Netley Studio

For Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

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