SAC Tech CCTV Business Card

SAC Tech Business Cards

Lucas da Silva designed these business cards for SAC Tech, a small business in Australia that installs CCTV, antennas and communication systems.

“My client needed a simple logo that could be used on various stationery and work uniforms. He wanted to appear corporate and professional in order to stand out in the tradesman industry while remaining economical when printing,” Lucas explained.

A camera can be seen in the logo design. Lucas used a circular shape for the logo because the client works locally within his communities and he wanted to keep it friendly.

Lucas has also offset the logo on the circle to the left to make it appear to be attached to a house, as it would be in real life.

SAC Tech logo

Due to the brand relates to technology, the fonts are italicised to add dynamic to the logo.

“For the typeface, it’s an Adobe font called Pirulen, which helped the brand achieve the clean and futuristic look.”

“I might have made minor modifications to it, but in essence it’s pretty close to the original. This is paired with DIN for the tagline.”

The colour palette used are blue (Pantone P11-16C) and grey (432 C).

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These business cards were printed on 400gsm cardstock with a matt laminate finish.

Sac Tech business cardSAC Tech Letterhead

Designed by Lucas da Silva

For SAC Tech

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