Roxana B. Photography Business Card

Annie Hall designed these business cards for Roxana B. Photo, a Utah based photographer that specializes in adventurous lifestyle and wedding photography.

“For Roxana’s rebranding project, she wanted something that reflected her minimalist style, paired with simplicity while incorporating botanical pieces throughout her identity,” Annie said.


This beautiful design reminds us to go back to basics, where monochromatic design can be just as expressive and elegant, especially when it was enhanced by a well-drawn illustration. Annie kept things simple and clean on the front side of the business card with the photographer’s contact information on the lower left corner, leaving a lot of negative space.

These business cards were printed by MOO.

Although not involved in the card-printing process directly, Annie suggested, “The card is intended to be printed at a regular sized business card on thick textured paper. The front side would be letterpress printed.”

Designed by Annie Hall

Printed by MOO

For Roxana B. Photo

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