Rooks Bookkeeping Business Card

Rooks Bookkeeping business cards

Zoë Boudreau designed these business cards for Rooks Bookkeeping, a company that offers an extensive range of bookkeeping services from account reconciliations, payroll, sales tax filings and everything in between.

“Rooks bookkeeping’s name symbolizes a chess piece praised for its reliability and speed. Their logo merges the idea of bookkeeping with their name,” Zoë said.

Rooks Bookkeeping logo


The brand sees themselves as the foundational support to their client. Like the rook that symbolizes a chariot for its key role as the cornerstone on the chess board, each of these vital qualities are what Rooks Bookkeeping harnesses to help businesses succeed.

“The synonymous bookkeeping symbol, a book, stands tall as it casts a shadow of the rook chess piece demonstrating strength and wit-much like their fast and innovative processes while still being fun and playful.”

Rooks Bookkeeping animationRooks Bookkeeping card with bookmark
Rooks Bookkeeping also prepared a bookmark with the shape of a rook chess (or a castle) as part of their collaterals. How smart and memorable! They were printed by Jukebox.

The business card design is clean and minimal. The typography used in the visual identity is Graphik. Thanks to a well-chosen colour palette, it gives Rooks Bookkeeping an inviting brand personality that’s both friendly and professional.

Speaking of the colours, Zoë said, “We wanted to go with something a bit different and fun to stand out from other competitors. Rooks also hired an illustrator named Karol Banach, so we wanted to make sure we gave him a good range of colours to play with.”

These business cards were digitally-printed on 16pt ‘feel good’ premium paper in matte by MOO.

Rooks Bookkeeping business cards

Rooks Bookkeeping colour paletteRooks Bookkeeping bookmarkRooks Bookkeeping website

Designed by Zoë Boudreau

Printed by MOO

For Rooks Bookkeeping

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