Robotfun Education Business Card

Sean Cooper and James Tye designed these business cards for Robotfun, a new concept in entertainment and education in the UK which provides robotics masterclasses and activity workshops for school lessons and after-school clubs.

According to Sean, the stationery designs were part of a complete branding project. “The idea for the identity came from my first memories of learning about robotics and programmings. I always remember being amazed about how you could turn text instructions like ‘move forward 4’, ‘turn right’, ‘move backwards 6’ into commands for a rudimentary robot that we had in our Science class.”

“When I began designing the logo, the lines represented the paths that those simple commands might draw, straight lines and 45 degree angles. From there, we began exploring how those rules could be used for illustrations, we began drawing robots with those same geometric lines.”

“During our research we had tons of images of circuit boards and we noticed the same straight lines and angles in the circuits running all over the boards, so we used those as inspiration to create the circuit board patterns. The bright colours against the rich dark blue, were inspired by the colour themes of my code editor (kind of like this) but made warmer and more inviting. The business card designs all stem from that, a combination of the robot illustrations and the circuit board pattern. Neo Sans was an obvious font choice as it feels techie and shares traits of the geometric patterns,” Sean said.

These business cards were printed on 400gsm Matt Laminate stock.

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Designed by Sean Cooper & James Tye

For Robotfun (Steven Hubbard)

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