Ricardo Lozano Jiménez Architecture Business Card

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Valeria Lozano Jiménez designed these business cards for Ricardo Lozano Jiménez, an architect from Veracruz, Mexico. He focused on design and construction of spaces, based on bioclimatism and sustainability.

“The client, Ricardo Salvador Lozano Jiménez, is a young architect with a Master of Construction Project Management. Just after ending his studies, he decided to apply his knowledge by starting his very own business in Veracruz, which after several successes, finally has a visual identity,” Valeria said.

RLJ logo

“The design idea was to transmit clean organization and a lineal feeling with an extra and different touch (embossed), making reference to client’s work aesthetic.”

Speaking of the design process, she continued, “I started making several sketches for the logo on paper based on three initial concepts: minimalism, simplicity and lineal. After choosing the final one, I vectorized it on Adobe Illustrator and started looking for colour palette.”

RLJ business card animation

The back side of the card is designed to be clean and has a lot of negative space.

On the front, the text arrangement is mainly horizontal with exceptions to the designers’ expertise that remained vertical. It’s a good way to differentiate the displayed info while making them easier to the eye.


The typography used in the visual identity is Metropolis: extra bold for the RLJ logotype while semi bold for the rest of the texts.

As for the colour palette, the brand uses green and black to give a natural, calm vibe while being professional at the same time.

These business cards were printed by Master Co., a printing company in Veracruz, Mexico.

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“The cards were screen-printed and embossed. The paper used has a special texture in reference to the architect’s high quality work,” Valeria said.


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RLJ business cardRLJ business card1RLJ business cardsRLJ business card2

Designed by Valeria Lozano Jiménez

Printed by Master Co.

For Ricardo Lozano Jiménez

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