Renly Baby Clothing Business Card

Renly Business-Cards

Dots Creative Studio designed these business cards for Renly, a startup business which offers modern and comfortable baby clothing.

“The brand name, Renly, is a mix between the founder’s daughter’s name ‘Renaya’ and her own name ‘Shelly’; the business was inspired by her little baby girl,” said Natalia Babalici, the graphic designer at Dots Creative Studio.

“Shelly wanted something playful, fun and appealing, but at the same time classy, clear and minimal. So, I strove to make a mix between playful and classy, using a bold and elegant font that uses ligatures to smoothly link letters named ‘Sunflora’ with a classic and clear sans serif font, Bree.”

Renly Logo Design


“For the entire branding, I’ve implemented elements from nature (such as sun, rainbow) in order to express the sense of care, reliability and sustainability that Shelly wanted her brand to express to the potential clients. I’ve used warm and soft colours in order to give it a playful and childish note.”

Renly Brandmark Design
As for the the business cards, Natalia opted for a minimal style with neutral colours, playing with some creative shapes on the front of the card.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The cards will be printed on a thick, textured card stock with a matte finish so they can continue delivering the essence of Renly which is reliable, caring and playful,” Natalia suggested.

Renly Business CardsRenly Business Card

Renly Packaging Design

Designed by Dots Creative Studio

For Renly

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