Ren Parks Business Card

Ren Parks designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I am a graphic designer who also do a lot of hands-on crafts, like sewing. I can pretty much make anything out of fabric, paper flowers, felt, hand painted lettering on signs, etc. I wanted a business card that entailed both,” Ren said.

“I was trying to find a crafty, but well-designed card to insinuate both graphic design and crafting. My goal was to make it feel personal so I could instantly have a connection. I am not very good at hand-drawing, but I am great at illustration. So, I decided to illustrate myself and use me as the face of my card. I feel like if people have an idea of who I am and what I look like, then it would make them feel more comfortable.”

Ren’s business cards were printed by MOO using cotton paper, and they have rounded edges.

“I chose to print the cards on cotton paper to make it feel more craft-like, to help portray the craft portion. I used my illustration to show that I can also do graphic design. I went with rounded edges so it had a softer feel and made it seem more inviting and open,” Ren explained.

Designed by Ren Parks

Printed by MOO

For Ren Parks personal branding

Business Card Printing
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