Rakata Furniture Business Card


Reza Dwikys at Kanan Studio designed these business cards for Rakata Furniture, an eco-friendly local furniture house, which decorates home for sustainable green crafts, lighting, desk, chair, reclaimed teak and pillow decorates.

“Rakata Furniture takes a pride in creating pieces with a minimal impact on the environment. We were asked to create an identity to enhance and give an aesthetic touch to represent their products,” Reza said.

Rakata Furniture logo
“The application of identity seeks to improve the customer experience of the brand. The logo is a mixture of guiding concept, constructed from typography and lines with the same thickness and recurrent lines found in modern architectural design. The pattern is created by combining the logo and square shapes, which can be seen as a secondary graphic.”

These business cards were offset printed using pantone colours on two sheets pasted of uncoated offset paper 310gr by a local printing company in Indonesia.

Rakata Furniture business cards

Designed by Reza Dwikys at Kanan Studio

For Rakata Furniture

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