QUEST Dumpster Rental Business Card

QUEST business card

David Porras designed these business cards for QUEST, a Texas-based dumpster rental service that provides heavy-duty, quality roll-off dumpsters for a wide range of clean-up projects at an affordable price.

QUEST focuses mainly on construction and debris management. Apart from that, it also provides services that fit both commercial and residential purposes.


Modern and Sturdy Brand Image

To match the brand’s overall image – that is, a brand that emphasises speed (quick delivery time) and quality – it’s crucial for David to create a visual identity that’s both strong and sturdy, much like the containers themselves.

The business card design not only has a sharp, striking outlook but also a very modern take on this industry, which is a fresh way to express the brand. David also made a bevelled version of the business card that matches the design of the QUEST logo!

While discussing the company’s brand and values, David said that the client used words like assertiveness, determination, discipline, and efficiency.

“The client’s main goal was to convey a strong presence. They wanted a modern and impactful brand that could stand out amongst the more straightforward, almost outdated, identities of the competition,” he explained.


QUEST business card and letterhead


Bold Typography & Striking Orange Palette

The logotype was a custom-made typography developed by David specifically for QUEST.

“The immediate inspiration to develop the brand came from the large metal containers themselves: heavy, sturdy, and geometrical,” David explained.

“The ‘Q’ symbol came first, then the remaining letters were derived from that design.”

“The secondary typeface used for body texts and numbers is Elevon, and it was chosen to keep accentuating the bold and industrial elements of the brand.”

The brand’s signature colour is none other than bright orange, which is a colour commonly seen and associated with industrial themes and the construction business.

Black and grey/silver served as complementary colours that rounded out a modern and strong colour palette.

QUEST branding


The Bevelled Edges Business Card

David said, explaining the inspiration behind using an unusual layout for the business card design, “A first draught of the project was presented to the client, focused only on logotype proposals. The ‘Q’ symbol immediately stood out as a favourite.”

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“The concept behind the customised shape and bevelled edges of the card came directly from the shape of the Q.”

“The idea was to incorporate the symmetry and sharpness of the symbol into the card itself.”

As a result, David came up with two options for the card because of possible budget constraints.

“The customised ‘Q card’ is the main option, and a more straightforward, rectangular card as a more economical choice.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The client handled the printing of the business cards.

When asked about the possible printing outcome, David suggested, “I think the business cards should be printed on high grammage paper, 350 to 450 gsm, basically a cardstock feel and texture.”

“Other recommendations, like using a special fluorescent ink for the bright orange or putting silver foil over the ‘Q’ and ‘QUEST’ logos, could make the brand look even more industrial and almost futuristic.”

Overall, it’s a creative, futuristic design for a business card that’s bright, unique, and will stand the test of time.


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Designed by David Porras, a senior graphic designer and art director from Monterrey, Mexico.

For QUEST Dumpster Rental

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