Querreke Gastrobar Business Card

Querreke Gastrobar business cards

Idóneo designed these business cards for Querreke, a Mexican gastrobar in Merida.

The client wanted to build an English-style gastrobar; to provide a warm, dining place where people could enjoy the beer they like from various parts of the world along with good food by the Mexican countryside.

The brand name ‘Querreke’ means ‘carpenter bird’, which is how people call woodpecker in northern Veracruz.

Speaking of the design inspiration, Abdiel Ivan Gonzalez Gongora, the Project Director of the studio said, “We developed the logo and a visual communication system based on Mexican textures and typographies of other nations adopted by Mexico.”

“This was a product of the representative fusion that occurred in industrial and commercial centers of the 19th century.”

Idóneo also created other branding materials, such as custom tablecloths, food menus with their respective names, and other essential elements that help the brand to build a strong and lasting relationship with customers.

These elements were carefully crafted to reflect the brand image and personality of the establishment, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience.

In addition to these essentials, the studio also designed and created unique decorative objects that added a distinctive touch to the overall ambiance of the gastrobar.

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The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have a unique layout that mimics a ticket!

The dotted line in the middle cleverly separates the contact numbers from the address for better readability while emphasizing the reservation info on top.

These business cards were silk-screen printed in a matt black ink on raw/rough kraft paper of 300g.

Overall, Idóneo helped Querreke to create a memorable and cohesive brand identity (and business cards, of course) that resonated with their customers!


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Designed by IDÓNEO

For Querreke

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