PurityBox Beauty & Baby Products Business Card

Jovana Randjelovic designed these business cards for PurityBox, a Belgrade-based shop for toxin-free, all-natural beauty and baby products.

Jovana’s client already had their logo designed. She was hired to redesign and freshen up their old stationery.

“The new brand look is in a way an homage to their previous brand guidelines, since it was primary to preserve their old, pastel colour palette which was a representation of soft and delicate nature of our skin and bodies. I wanted to go with something very clean and simple, to accentuate their policy of all natural products. That’s why their stationery is predominantly white,” Jovana said.

“However, with the business cards I went with a little bolder look then the rest of it. I wanted to incorporate the brand’s slogan ‘Colorful you. Beautiful you.’ and make an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time playful typographic display.”

The partially-hidden-in-the-background text approach is beautifully done, not just grabbing the prospect’s eyeballs but quite a catchy idea to send the message across! The pink/blue colour provides a suiting background colour for the word ‘You’ and the website address, giving that nice focus they deserve.

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According to Jovana, the initial idea was to print the cards on a cold pressed paper with pantone colours. However, the client handled the card-printing himself in the end.

Designed by Jovana Randjelovic

For PurityBox

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