Pure Couture Fashion Business Card

Pure Couture business card_1

Gordon Reid designed these business cards for Pure Couture, a new environmentally friendly fashion brand.

“For Pure Couture, this was through an agency I’ve worked with on a number of projects who do a lot of production for startups. They got in contact with me about helping build up the brand from scratch,” said Gordon, the founder of Middle Boop.

“Pure Couture is a digital agency that produce content about promoting ethical clothing brands, so travel the world interviewing the founders of companies doing things different and ethically.”

How did this striking business card design came into place?

“Pure Couture wanted a brand look and feel that was vibrant and expressive of their nature so I went a little crazy with colour scheme and brand assets built around the logo.”

“They were really open to ideas and great to collaborate with. It was actually a really nice and quick turnaround which was great for everyone.”


The vector arts on the cards are colorful and eye-catching, especially on a black-colored background! It gives the brand an edgy, artistic image while being memorable.

These business cards were printed by IST Printing using foil blocking method onto 240gsm GF Smith cardstock that gives it a nice touch.

Pure Couture business card_1

Designed by Gordon Reid of Middle Boop

Printed by IST Printing

For Pure Couture

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