Psychonaut Publishing Business Card

Psychonaut business cards

Abby Haddican Studio designed these business cards for Psychonaut, a new publishing company that aims to publish books that inspire, speculate, and illuminate fantastic outcomes for humankind.

The word, psychonaut, means a person who seeks to learn more about one’s own mind and consciousness through means that include meditation and entheogenic substances.

When it comes to being a publisher, Psychonaut’s mission is to imagine – and help to bring into being – what’s next. Their editorial interests are described as “the intersection of inner space and outer space,” a phrase that perfectly summarises the project’s main goal: to create a no-frills identity system that instantly conveys the sensation of being transported both physically and spiritually.

Psychonaut logo_2


Vortex Illustration: The Portal

The unique design of the business card is meant to express a psychedelic, transcendental, and an intriguing brand image to those who receive it.

Although using mainly black and white, the business card design features a striking swirl pattern that manages to capture people’s attention instantly! It can be easily identified as the portal, something that’s usually found in science fiction.

“We call this the vortex, which actually comes from the logo mark ‘P’, which you can see elsewhere in the project but not on the business cards,” Abby explained.

“It’s meant to make the viewer feel as though they are entering a gateway to another dimension.”

Psychonaut logo

Sophisticated Typography & The Highest Contrast Colour

The typeface used for the wordmark is based on New Forest, a modern and elegant font with art nouveau leanings.

“The font evokes the romanticism of 1960s counter culture. Also, we added a customised double ‘S’ to suggest subtle and sophisticated trippiness,” Abby explained.

“When needed, the wordmark compresses into a neat PS monogram that, like the postscript does at the end of a letter, suggests that there is always something more to say.”

As for the monochrome colour palette for the business cards, “We think black and white offers the highest possible value contrast, which helps to exaggerate the ‘portal’ effect.”

Psychonaut logotypePsychonaut monogram


Printing of Business Cards

Psychonaut’s business cards have not been printed yet.

According to Abby, she thinks these business cards would look exquisite engraved on both sides, then duplexed, on a heavy cotton paper like Crane’s Lettra.

“A simple one-color offset would also get the job done,” she added.


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Psychonaut stationeryPsychonaut brandingPsychonaut websitePsychonaut bookma

Psychonaut submark

Designed by Abby Haddican Studio

For Psychonaut

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