Prosciutto di Norcia Business Card

Sara Marigliani and Roberto Sensi designed these business cards for Prosciutto di Norcia, one of the most historic and famous prosciuttos in Italy.

“Our goal was clear, that is, to find the right balance between elegance and a warm, tactile and artisanal touch,” said Sara Marigliani, the Art Director of Bocanegra Studio, “We wanted to transmit two main features of Prosciutto di Norcia in the design: the quality of a high-end brand and craftsmanship of the product through materials, patterns colours and print finishes.”


The design inspiration of the new logotype was based on the historical writings made by the ancient Norcia Benedictine Monks. “We were tasked to integrate the full wording of Prosciutto di Norcia I.G.P. into the logo. We solved this by creating a logo that mimics a stamp – useful both for advertising purposes and to brand the hams. The result is a bold graphic mark rooted in traditions but looking to the present,” Sara said.

Another catchy element on the business card design is the square patterns, which according to Sara, reminiscent of the floor decorations in some Umbrian medieval churches. The patterns were used throughout the brand identity.

These business cards were printed by Sprint24 with hot gold foil on Fedrigoni Arcoset White 300 gr. “Again, the aim was to transmit the two main features of Prosciutto di Norcia: the quality (gold foil) and craftsmanship (uncoated paper),” Sara added.


Designed by Sara Marigliani and Roberto Sensi at Bocanegra Studio

Printed by Sprint24

For Consorzio di Tutela del Prosciutto di Norcia I.G.P

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