Pooch Pack Pet’s Treat Box Business Card

Pooch Pack business card

The Colour Club designed these business cards for Pooch Pack, a nutritious treat box for dogs delivered monthly.

“Our approach was to focus on the unique personalities of dogs through satirical illustrations and the relationship to the owners with playful copy,” said Nick Mitchell, the Creative Director at The Colour Club.

pooch_packaging design

“The colour palette, bright and colourful, was chosen to reflect the joy that dogs bring. The picket fence shape is used as a graphic device across different applications for the identity. The typefaces used are Krana Fat B and GT Eesti.”

These business cards were printed by Emerald Press.

“We use the picket fence shapes a die cutting form. The cards were printed CMYK so we could print a wide range of colour combinations which we developed for the brand,” Nick said.

With their playful designs and unique shapes, the business cards will leave a lasting impression on anyone who’s seen them!

Pooch Pack business cardsPooch branding projectPooch Treat Bags_beef Pooch Treat Bags_chickenPooch Treat Bags_sweetpotatoPooch packaging designPooch branding1Pooch packaging designs

Designed by The Colour Club

Printed by Emerald Press

For Pooch Pack

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