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Anastasia Popova-Demidova designed these business cards for Plume et Poème, a brand of handmade pillow covers, throw blankets and woven/cotton rope baskets based in Singapore.

The brand name, Plume et Poème, means ‘Feathers and Poems’ in French. It is a brand of textiles and home décor.

“The idea of the branding project was to convey lightness, dreaminess and a feeling of warmth in a wrapped blanket,” Anastasia said.

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The business card is designed to reflect a cozy, enchanting and soothing brand image. As Anastasia puts it, “Like you’re about to go to sleep, or go for a massage on pink clouds.”

The typography used in the design was based on a typeface called Hermitage, in combination with a unique calligraphic inscription.

Soft colours are used to create a harmonious and dreamy vibe that goes hand in hand with the brand image.

“The brand is planning to sell authentic products with bright prints and patterns. So, a colour scheme that’s similar to the blue sky and pink clouds, as in dreams, was born,” Anastasia explained.

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Not only that, extra elements such as stars and the moon are added across the identity (on logos and business cards) to further enhance the idea of having a nice dream and opening your mind to imagination.

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It’s also worth noting that a QR code is printed on the card for the ease of scanning and adding the company’s details.

These business cards were printed on subtle texture paper by a local printing company in Singapore.

“We chose GMUND Matt paper No.55 for blue while No.71 for pink, 300gsm; foiling on one side of the card – embossed blue foil,” Anastasia suggested.


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Designed by Anastasia Popova-Demidova

For Plume et Poème

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