Platform Digital Agency Business Card

Platform digital agency business cards

My Poor Brain designed these business cards for Platform, a full scale digital product development agency.

“Platform brings many talents together to form a solution, this is what makes up Platform – in a nutshell, ” explained Tim Smith, the lead designer of My Poor Brain.

“The branding signifies these talents with multicolored squares which are brought together to make up the logo and branding.”

“The (3D) squares also form a platform. The branding is ever changing and diverse, the colored squares rearrange from letterhead to business card to website etc.”

My Poor Brain even created a black, white and gold version of the card for extra special circumstances.

These business cards were printed on a heavy weight uncoated stock, spot varnish on random tiles by Bishops Printers.


Designed by My Poor Brain

Printed by Bishops Printers

For Platform

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