Pizzería Rosa Business Card

Mundial designed these business cards for Pizzería Rosa, a new pizza restaurant in Montevideo, Uruguay.

“This is a love story, but to pizza. Designed by the team of the Mundial with romantic letters in pink and red telling the tale of how wonderful and tasty is Rosa, in the new gastronomic endeavor of Lucía Soria in the old city,” explained Martín Azambuja, the co-owner of Mundial studio.


Besides the striking colours, the card was further enhanced by large typography and beautiful illustrations, making it one of the most stand-out designs in its niche!

Prospects can almost feel the joy, excitement and passion the brand is trying to express through its visual identity.

“Connected with gentle illustrations and a pinkish set of colours, the design creates a balanced, friendly (and romantic) look,” Martín said.


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Designed by Mundial

For Pizzería Rosa

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