Phong Linh Graphic Designer Business Card

Phong Linh designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“My inspiration for this project came from my love of painting. I wanted to put the things I drew into my projects,” Phong Linh said. “My design goal is simple, clean and with a personal logo on the back design of the card while contact information on the front. Overall the card is quite simple – looks friendly, dynamic and cheerful.”


The most eye-catching part of the card design is the watercolour self-portrait by Phong Linh. “I chose to illustrate myself on the back with watercolour as it is the best way to communicate to others about my strengths, which are drawing illustrations and watercolour paintings,” she explained.

These business cards were printed by In Nhanh ALOIN using Plike paper white 330 gsm (soft velvet-like paper, high toughness) with good ink adhesion surface, which according to Phong Linh, helps highlight the bright coloured elements on the card.

Printed by Phong Linh

Printed by In Nhanh ALOIN

For Phong Linh personal branding

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