Pflege&Co Insurance Business Card

Pflege&Co Insurance business cards

Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for Pflege&Co, an insurance company based in Germany.

Pflege&Co approached Unifikat for the branding project. In order to create a clean and professional look for the business card, a custom font was created to reflect the brand’s personality.

At the same time, the blind embossed logo on the back design – which symbolizes protection, trust and guardianship – was inspired by classic monograms, conserving a modern look.

These business cards were printed on 300gsm blue and white paper stocks separately before been glued together to form a 600gsm duplexed card stock.

“The cards were created via the combination of quality paper stock with a stamp printing technique (for the logo),” said Paul Marcinkowski, the founder of Unifikat.

“All items in the stationery were considered to maximum attention to detail.”

Overall, it’s a classy and impressive business card design that will make you look twice!


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Designed by Unifikat Design Studio

For Pflege&Co

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