Petty Well Pet Food Business Card

Petty Well business cards

Brand Brothers designed these business cards for Petty Well, one of the most popular brands of healthy food for dogs and cats in France.

Sacha and Alexis founded the brand, which offers natural kibbles and treats in the form of a subscription, produced in France customised for each animal. It has been a few years since Petty Well’s launch, and the company has a loyal following of over 4000 customers.

Brand Brothers was tasked with redesigning the brand’s visual identity, which included a new logo, graphic elements, packaging and business cards.

Petty Well logotype

Petty Well logo

On the back of the business card, a large font of the brand’s initials ‘PW’ can be found. Customers can choose their favourite colour from a variety of bright colours when they are handed the card.

A custom type was designed for the logotype, while Freigeist Regular is used for the body text. It’s an intriguing combination that balances out the logo without sacrificing the brand’s fun, approachable nature.

The lively colour palette matches the brand’s welcoming vibe while presenting a positive visual result.

Petty Well cans

Petty Well illustration

While the new logo is chubby and tasty, it still maintains a strong and regular structure. It represents the backbone of the graphic environment. Despite its vibrant colour, it’s raw and graphic, with a constant presence of black and monochromatic backgrounds.

The animals can also be seen coming to life on everything from print to packaging to the web, thanks to the logotype-inspired animal collection developed by Brand Brothers.

All in all, this playful and eye-catching business card design will leave an impression on everyone who sees it!

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Petty Well packaging_2Petty Well packagingPetty Well labelPetty Well branding
Petty Well packaging_1 Petty Well boxes

Designed by Brand Brothers

For Petty Well

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