Petalus Business Card

Petalus business card

Eros Banchellini designed these business cards for Petalus, a fintech startup that launched a new mobile application with a new system of money transfer and crypto currency exchange.

The brand name, Petalus, came from the word ‘petal’. Therefore, the design idea for the logo was to create a clean and minimal shape, which mimics the flower’s petal.

The elements of the logomark are used to create a coordinated visual identity.

“In this case, a combination of two squares with two rounded corners was the best option. After the logo mark was designed, I came up with 4 different color palettes and the client chose the one we adopted in this project,” Eros said.

The business card design is super catchy with its striking colour combinations and gradients. A clean, professional design that makes a lasting impression!

Petalus business cardsPetalus stationery

Designed by Eros Banchellini

For Petalus

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