Penguin Coffee Business Card

Bautista de Lusarreta designed these business cards for Penguin Coffee, a place that serves best coffee – whether on the go or stay.

“Well, the client wanted a joyful yet serious identity. That’s why I came up with the penguin based pattern. This resource allowed me to play more with the brand and the logo itself while keeping consistency,” Bautista said.

Penguins are known to be one of the most social birds alive, so it’s pretty smart to incorporate that as a brand name and logo!


The use of a penguin in a logo is quite common, so in order to avoid confusions with other brands, Bautista did a thorough research and ended up with an original, playful and classy logo for Penguin Coffee. [Hint: there’s a (shape of a) coffee bean inside the stomach of the penguin!]

The use of mainly black and white colours in the design expresses premium and professionalism. Several colourful patterns are used respectively on the front of the card, giving the brand a more dynamic feel as well as variety.

These business cards are yet to be printed but Bautista provided the possible outcome, “If they are, then it would be by an Argentinian local printer named Melmac; and the cards are going to be all matte except for the color details.”

Overall, it’s an interesting way to shift from the regular designs (with the use of brownish colour as the main colour palette, for instance) to make the brand more appealing to younger customers.

Designed by Bautista de Lusarreta

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For Penguin Coffee

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