Peace, Love & Posies Florist Business Card

Peace, Love & Posies Florist Business Card

Grey Rabbit Design created these lovely business cards for a florist, Tara Smith who owns Peace, Love & Posies.

Peace, Love & Posies is all about making pretty flowers to send to those you love to show them just how special they are.

The logo design had a style influence of traditional Japanese mons* but with a more modern and feminine look.

These rounded edge business cards were printed on an Indigo Press using White and CMYK inks on 330gsm Buffalo Board, giving that natural and earthy feel which is perfect for the floral brand.

Note(*): Mon (紋) means crest or emblem. 


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Peace, Love & Posies Florist Business Cards

Designed by Grey Rabbit Design

For Peace, Love & Posies

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