Parker Sim LLP Business Card

Parker Sim business card

Marlo Biasutti designed these business cards for Parker Sim LLP, a female founded and led Toronto Law Firm. PS LLP practices in the areas of workplace law human rights and civil litigation.

According to Marlo, the design inspiration of Parker Sim LLP came from the initials of the clients.

Parker Sim logo
“PS or postscript means having a thought occurring after a letter has been signed. Someone is adding more details to the story. PS LLP felt that when connecting with clients they try to share every after thought and help read between the lines. This was the spark that ignited the creative vision. PS: there’s more between the lines! Hence why the monogram is PS with 2 lines above and below.” 

“They also focus on providing their clients with every resource they need to define what winning looks like to them personally. They empower. So I came up with the tagline ‘We Practice to Empower’ that became part of the circular badge design.”

Parker Sim logo2Parker Sim business cards
As for the colour palette, Marlo explained that it was inspired by the clients’ love for living green walls. “They dream to one day have this in their own office space. The great thing about this fresh, vibrant palette is it was also very different from many other law firms that typically use shade of blue and grey.”

These business cards were printed on silk soft touch in a variety of colours.

Parker Sim business card

Designed by Marlo Biasutti at M81 Creative

Printed by MOO

For Parker Sim LLP

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