Paris Berlin Wedding Planners Business Card

Toma Studio designed these business cards for Paris Berlin Wedding Planners, a company that designs and organizes weddings based in Barcelona, Spain.

According to Tommaso, the Graphic Designer of Toma Studio, “The brief required to focus on the peculiar name, Paris Berlin, chosen by the owner as a way to represent both the romantic and classic side of a wedding planning (Paris), and the modern, extravagant side as well (Berlin).”

“The challenge was from one side to express this duplicity through the logo, but also to incorporate a visual identity that, on request, had to be bold, happy, colourful and communicate the main job of the wedding planner: a tailor made, fully customizable experience for the newlyweds.”

For the logo, Toma Studio used typography to represent the two divergent concepts of classic vs. modern: a serif typeface for the name Paris while a geometric sans-serif for the name Berlin.

A series of free-hand patterns and a pastel colour palette were applied on the business cards in half, respectively. Meaning, half pattern on one side while half colour on the other.

Such combination allows variety and the possibilities are endless!

Designed by Toma Studio

For Paris Berlin Wedding Planners

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