Paola Handmade Jewelry Business Card

Paola Business Card

Jennifer Koehler designed these business cards for Paola, a conceptual branding project for a handmade jewelry brand.

“The branding concept is made for the fictive brand, Paola, that creates beautiful handmade jewelry. Each piece is handmade and unique by using natural gemstones,” Jennifer explained.

“My goal was to represent these values in the brand design. Therefore, I created a natural, rather muted colour palette with different shades of sand, terracotta and green.”


“The natural affinity is also reflected by using abstract, organic shapes as recurring elements in the brand design. I created two logo variations for the brand. The primary logo is used on the front side while the secondary logo is shown on the backside of the card.”

When asked about the typography used in this branding project, Jennifer replied, “The serif font used in the logo is ‘Butler’ and its variation ‘Butler Stencil’ which underline the delicate, feminine vibe of the brand. Apart from that, the sans-serif font ‘Montserrat’ was used.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They are imagined to be printed on a natural coarse-fibered paper with a rough surface to underline the natural source of the jewelry,” Jennifer suggested.

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Designed by Jennifer Koehler

For Paola

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