Pamela Rolim Home Spa Business Card

Pamela Rolim Home Spa business card2

Estúdio Atalhos Criativos designed these business cards for Pamela Rolim, who works with a focus on Home Spa delivery.

Pamela Rolim’s Home Spa is focused on home care, bringing relaxation and well-being to women inside their homes. The services provided including relaxing massages, hot stones, bamboo therapy, lymphatic drainage, facial and eyebrow revitalization.

“The design goal was to create a modern brand that would demonstrate the love and affection involved in Pamela’s service. Focused on the female audience – aged between 25 and 38 years old mothers – with a busy life between work and family,” said Luis Rodrigues, the Founder & Designer of the studio.

Logo Design

The brand was built from the archetypes of servant, shaman and therapist.

“The logo came directly from the attributes that the name Rolim carries with strength, represented by a derivation of the Celtic symbol of strength, along the leaf that represents well-being and silhouette of a house, where the procedures take place,” Luis said.

Pamela Rohim Homespa logo

Typography and Colour Palette

The business card design is simple and elegant, carrying the pattern created for the brand to support the visual identity.

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“The typography used for ‘Pamela’ carries curves at its ends to bring this idea of affection and lightness. On the other hand, typography for ‘Rolim’ has straight ends to build the idea of the woman’s strength,” Luis explained.

Pamela Rolim letterhead

As for the colours used on the business card, “Green represents the market in which the brand is inserted; pink brings support to the target audience while beige represents the ‘neutral’ work environment.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “We can think of matte lamination and varnish for the logo and contact information,” Luis suggested.

Pamela Rolim Home Spa business cards_1Pamela Rolim cellphone and notebookPamela Rolim social networksPamela Rolim_Street Banner

Designed by Luis Rodrigues at Estúdio Atalhos Criativos

For Pamela Rolim Home Spa

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