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Paige Tuzée Designs designed these business cards as part of their studio’s branding as a boutique graphic design studio specialises in wedding invitation suites, branding and luxury stationery.

“PTD’s style is unique and original, whether you want something traditional or modern we are consistently innovating our style to remain aligned with the current industry trends,” said Paige Tuzée, the Founder of the studio.

The business card design is minimalist yet with a unique pill/oblong shape. Apart from that, the blind embossed lines are a classy addition to the overall branding.

As Paige put it, “The card design has an understated luxury and elegance. We like to use luxury print techniques and beautiful paper stocks to further enhance a minimal and timeless design.” They definitely nailed it!

Paige Tuzée line pattern


Typography & Colours

The business card has a hand lettered script logo beneath the card. The card also works as a ‘Thank You’ card while being a business card, with contact details on another side.

“My logo design is written in my hand lettering in a minimal, imperfect style calligraphy to represent my brand aesthetics and values,” Paige said.

“Illustration and typography are my two main strengths and I like to use these in all of my designs to ensure my work is as unique as possible.”

“The linework on the business card was inspired by some beautiful textures I am seeing around a lot lately. The blind emboss printing ensures that it remains subtle and effortless, complimenting the logo rather than competing with it.”

Explaining the colour palette chosen for her brand, Paige continued, “The colours of my branding is always neutral muted or monochrome as I feel these are the most timeless.”

Paige Tuzée business card_2

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Stitch Press.

“This particular design is a warm white textured paper stock with black digital print text. Blind emboss was used to print the linework while a touch of rose gold foil on the little circle element brings another element of luxe to the business card.”

“The embossing printing technique involves metal plates being made up of the artwork, which are pushed into the paper from the reverse side, allowing it to raise on the front. It brings a 3D element to the artwork which adds interest and texture,” Paige explained.

Paige Tuzée_business cardPaige Tuzée line patterns


Designed by Paige Tuzée Designs

Printed by Stitch Press

For Paige Tuzée Designs

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Business Card Printing
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