Oxford Street Furniture Business Card

Kim Lincon designed these business cards for Oxford Street Furniture, an American furniture company selling furniture designed and made in Philadelphia, PA.

Speaking about the design inspiration, Kim said, “We pulled their modern minimalist approach to their furniture design mixed with traditional industrial Philly. Oxford was great to work with, they trusted our strategy behind the look and we’re able to choose what they liked in the first rounds of concepts!”

The business cards were made into a bunch of different custom sizes to go with different pieces of furniture. “We decided to do custom sized business cards to reflect their custom woodwork and to look seamless when they paired with a specific piece (of furniture).”

These business cards were printed by their local printer. “We wanted to keep everything natural, but still had a presence. So we went with an Off-White Neenah that had some pours – thicker cardstock at about 32pt,” Kim said.

Designed by Kim Lincon at Lynx & Co

For Oxford Street Furniture

Business Card Printing
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