Over the Moon Pool Bar Business Card

Pitu Studio designed these business cards for Over the Moon, a pool bar located at Sheraton Hotel Lampung in Indonesia.

The Sheraton Hotel in Lampung would really like to create a space that are both refreshing and different. Based on that idea, Pitu Studio developed the brand identity from start to finish – including naming, designing the logo & stationery and the look & feel of the interior.

For the design inspirations, Pitu Studio was really keen on the idea of personal space and refreshing environment. Therefore, handwritten logo and greenery were applied as the main concept, with the former used to portray an approachable and genuine persona while the latter conveys innovation, growth and the calming experience that Over The Moon can offer.

Although not directly involved in the card-printing process, Pitu Studio did emphasize on the paper texture for the cards. No special printing techniques were applied as they just wanted the texture of the paper to speak for itself, which is very subtle and just felt premium.

Over the Moon branding2

Designed by Pitu Studio

For Over the Moon

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