OSeyeris Accessible Technology Business Card

Tibor Tovt designed these business cards for OSeyeris, an IoT startup that improves the state of accessible technology by blending hardware and software to provide everyday utility devices which bridges the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired.

Oseyeris approached The Digital Panda to define the company brand. The challenge was to design a highly-accessible identity that reflects the company’s core mission: to help people with severe sight damage.

“Brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt to a changing environment. In other words, it is the brain’s ability to compensate the loss of one sense by using other senses better, which is called sensory substitution. Blind people recreate vision by collecting input from other senses and we used this concept for the logotype.” said Tibor, the Creative Director of The Digital Panda.


The brand’s logo is a simple depiction of the concept of sensory substitution, with the outer shapes stand for the four senses while the eye symbol is formed by the negative space.

OSeyeris business card has a well-thought-out logo and what’s even more fascinating, is that the card has the brand name written in Braille! With just a quick glance, one might miss this hidden feature but imagine the surprise one will receive when he/she touches the card and feel the tactile codes. Brilliant!

“The final identity was inspired by the braille tactile writing system and illusory contours — they evoke the perception of an edge without a luminance or color change across that edge. The core idea was: to see something that’s not actually there – for sighted; and to perceive something you can’t see – for the blind.”


When it comes to card-printing, Tibor shared, “We developed a set of geometric patterns for embossing, letterpress or spot gloss. The business cards used spot gloss and blind embossing or foil blocking, depending on the actual design template. These textures are meant to provide a tactile experience and make interaction with Oseyeris products richer from the very first touch.” Tibor explained.

This is an effective design that not only showcases a stunning brand image but also expresses the brand’s core idea creatively and remarkably!


Designed by Tibor Tovt at The Digital Panda

For OSeyeris

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