Osan Natural Cosmetics Business Card

Ronnie Alley Design designed these business cards for Osan Cosmetics, a line of natural cosmetics created from all-natural locally sourced ingredients.

“Stemming from the belief that personal care and cleanliness are universal, Osan is intentionally designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender or race. The fact that everyone can benefit from cleanliness and hygiene is what drove me to design a brand that felt ‘genderless’,” Ronnie said.

“The use of soft colours, that couldn’t be read as hyper-feminine or masculine, paired with raw or recycled papers and textures gave the brand the sense of neutrality I was looking for.”

Although this is a conceptual design, Ronnie did provide his printing suggestions if the cards ever get printed, “I envisioned these being duplex cards, with the soft pastel papers on one side and thicker craft papers on the other. Both sides would then be screen printed with white ink to give them a fresh and clean look.”

Osan business card1 Osan business cards

Designed by Ronnie Alley Design

For Osan Cosmetics


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