Organisk Superfood Business Card

Josh Walker designed these business cards for Organisk, a superfood milkshake range available in sustainably sourced premixed packages.

“Organisk was a personal project that was created to experiment further with my minimalist style,” Josh said. “Teamed up with our current global ideas of sustainability, I created a brand that revolves around naturally sourced ingredients and resources. The fresh and clean look of the brand is to simulate stripping out the extra preservatives within the shakes.”


It was wise to choose a sans-serif font to go with the fresh colour palette. For the back design, Josh created several versions using different colours on the geometric element while keeping the logotype perfectly aligned at the centre. The entire design is clean, authentic and minimal!

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “I’ll be printing these cards at on 400gsm uncoated paper. Ideally, the card would be printed with sustainable ink such as vegetable inks but as this is not a standard within, this will be considered as a future investment in the brand,” Josh suggested.

Designed by Josh Walker

For Organisk

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