Ordoñez Bakery Business Card

Ordoñez business card

Marina Goñi designed these business cards for Ordoñez Bakery, a family business in Tardajos with over 120 years of experience making bread in a wood oven. Currently, in addition to Tardajos, they dispatch in eleven stores throughout Burgos.

The owner of the business, Lidia and her family, trusted Marina to renew their brand and reflect the new spirit of the company.

Ordoñez logoOrdoñez business card_frontOrdoñez business card_back
“We created a modern and ambitious image that claims its origins and tradition. Also, we developed their own language by recreating the fields of Tardajos working with the breads: different ‘landscapes’ create visual metaphors and a solid visual identity,” Marina said.

These business cards were offset printed by Arenas Printing Shop.

Designed by Marina Goñi

Printed by Arenas

For Ordoñez Bakery

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