Óptica Elias (Optical) Business Card

Óptica Elias business card

Marina Goñi designed these business cards for Óptica Elias, a family-owned optical company.

The client decided to recover their own identity after years of operating through the leading company in the optical industry. The design challenge consisted in combining the uniqueness and personality that small brands can afford, with the necessary power of those who play face to face in the biggest markets.

Óptica Elias glasses

Óptica Elias pacakging2
“This rebranding project had to show who they are today including their wide experience; enhancing their name, all the experience and knowledge acquired over the years. All this universe has been the material to show their clients that this change is a step forward to be even better,” Marina said.

The design concept was based on the people who make up Elias and putting them at the centre.

“We took this idea literally and developed the graphic, using the logo as the bridge of all the glasses. This way, the logo itself generates a flexible visual system. It can be adapted to both the most corporate and advertising pieces, creating unity among them and giving the name great prominence and elegance.”

Óptica Elias business cards3Optica Elias manual


The typography used in the visual identity is Texta. The brand values that the client wishes to portray through the colour palette are joyful, youth, innovative and affordable.

These business cards were offset-printed on 300gr thick paper by Garcinuño printhouse in Bizkaia.

Óptica Elias business cards2Óptica Elias business cards4Óptica Elias foldersÓptica Elias guide

Óptica Elias bagsÓptica Elias postersElias advertisement
Óptica Elias manual poster

Designed by Marina Goñi

Printed by Garcinuño

For Óptica Elias

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