ONNA Business Card

Sabrina Polanco-Ferreyra designed these business cards for ONNA, a chocolate bar brand.

“This was a student project I did while studying graphic design at Shillington, New York. I was tasked to create the brand, packaging and business cards for a chocolate bar for Samurais,” Sabrina said.

“One of the particular challenges of this brief was designing for a demographic that no longer exists, which made the research process very interesting. I developed a story for the product in which the chocolate was infused with the power of mystical creature or animal to complement and enhance specific skills for a Samurai’s training.”

“I had to familiarize myself with the differences of how dragons and phoenixes are depicted and perceived in the East compared to the West, and find a way to use Japanese art as inspiration while respecting their culture and their history.”

The name and minimalist logo designed for this artisan chocolate captures the essence of Onna-Bugeisha, a female samurai warrior, which also evokes strength, precision and beauty that involved in the training of the warriors. As for the business cards, origami-inspired koi illustration is used.

“I decided to create this geometric origami-like illustrations to depict the beautiful balance of precision and harmony that were part of a Samurai’s way of life,” Sabrina explained.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would use a thick cardstock and embossing the white lines on the illustration to accentuate the geometry of the koi,” Sabrina suggested.

Designed by Sabrina Polanco-Ferreyra


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