Oliver Brazilian Furniture Business Card

Yuri Pinto designed these business cards for Oliver, a Brazilian furniture design and manufacturing company.

“The company needed to update their identity to market Brazilian furniture design to an American audience, as the company grew and expanded to the international market, with the opening of a showroom space in Miami,” Yuri said.


“The mark’s symbol reflected on the basic principles of geometry as building blocks, with the perfect circle and square. This symbol is cut and used to give materials dimension and a clear, distinctive element. The contrasts of yellow and restrained grey, Didone and geometric typefaces, reference the plurality that inhabit the Brazilian identity.”

It’s a smart idea to add yellow amidst the use of gray tones as this gives the entire design a nice contrast while expressing confidence and creativity as well.

These business cards were offset-printed using Standard CMYK on 600gsm paper by Resolução Gráfica in the São Paulo region, Brazil.

Designed by Yuri Pinto

Art Direction by Wagner Rosa at Wagalume

Printed by Resolução Gráfica

For Oliver Brazilian Furniture

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