Oishii Sushi Restaurant Business Card

Oishii Sushi business card

Romy Bitar designed these business cards for Oishii Sushi, a renowned Japanese restaurant in Riyad, KSA.

Oishii Sushi offers an authentic Japanese cuisine – with a twist to their menu; it’s genuine yet creative. They use special ingredients to their dishes, which adds uniqueness and identity to the customer experience.

Romy was approached by an advertising & marketing agency (Origin MENA) to develop the full brand identity of their client Oishii Sushi KSA.

“The mood chosen for the brand is purely inspired by the Japanese culture. The patterns are derived from the typical Japanese illustrations and geometry (the waves, the fans and the fish), which represent a genuine and authentic identity.”

Oishii Sushi wordmark

Oishii Sushi emblem
Speaking of the brand’s logo and its typography, Romy said, “The logo consists of an emblem and a wordmark: The emblem is represented through a series of fish forming the letter ‘O’; I was looking to develop a bold/timeless yet luxurious emblem to the brand. The wordmark ‘oishiisushi’ is written in a geometric and slanted typeface, which fits well with the emblem created.”

Oishii Sushi posters
“In order to add sophistication to the identity, I avoided the use of the typical Japanese colours (red, black and white) and chose a classy and calm palette that compliments the refined cuisine offered by Oishii Sushi.”

These business cards are not printed but here’s what Romy suggested if they were, “I would recommend an uncoated paper because it’s excellent for ink receptivity and absorbency. The thickness of the paper would be 350 gsm.”

Oishii Sushi business cards

Oishii Sushi branding Oishii Sushi_branding

Designed by Romy Bitar

For Oishii Sushi

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