Oigo Áudio Music Studio Business Card

Lucas Saad and Carlos Bauer designed these business cards for Oigo Áudio, a music production studio based in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

In order to transform Oigo Áudi into a relevant, strong and competitive brand, the first steps including getting to know the brand better and identify the main differentiating points.

“Oigo Áudi could provide a great network of different voices and musicians of a variety of styles. Crossing that with the results of multiple researches, such as scenario, audience, trends, stakeholders, competitors and benchmarks, the main drivers for the brand were identified: proximity, flexibility and practicality. After discovering these differentials, it was time to design a brand that reflected it all,” said Lucas Saad, the Creative Director of Saad.

The name, Oigo, actually came from the verb ‘oír’, which means ‘to listen’ in Spanish.


“It can be understood in two distinctive ways: the listening of music, jingles, sound productions; or listening to people, briefing, being practical (direct) and close. The tagline completes the name, pointing out the brand’s positioning: uncomplicated audio, making clear the way Oigo works. The different musical styles and variety of voices are represented by the chromatic variations’ flexibility. The use of the waveform as a symbol, which represents the technical side of audio productions, can be customized and unfolded in many ways.”

For instance, the main symbol comes from a waveform of the word ‘Oigo’ and each worker at the company has a waveform of their own on their business cards and even email signatures – how unique!

Although Oigo Áudio’s business cards come in variety of colours, the sound wave symbol remains the most recognizable mark – with its white colour line spreading across the card surface – indicating the company’s position as one of the main players in its market.

Designed by Lucas Saad and Carlos Bauer for Saad

Creative Director: Lucas Saad

For Oigo Áudio

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