Ofra Alharal Business Card

Ofra Alharal business card

Petek Design designed these business cards for Ofra Alharal, an interior designer and architectural engineer who designs for apartments, private homes and businesses.

“The design objective is to create a clean, sophisticated and timeless design,” Efrat explained when been asked about her design inspiration, “A geometric shape was taken from the letters O and A.”

Ofra Alharal logo
Both  ‘O’ and ‘A’ are the initials of the owner therefore it’s perfect to be used as the monogram for the brand. Overall, the card design is simplicity at its finest!

These business cards were printed on a white cardboard with a matte lamination on top.

Ofra Alharal business card

Designed by Efrat Elie at Petek Design

For Ofra Alharal

Business Card Printing
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