Oasis Succulent Shop Business Card

Ezgi Duman designed these business cards for Oasis, a trendy new succulent shop based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oasis offers gorgeous and rare succulents and cacti from around the world. Besides that, they also offer courses on plant breeding.

According to Ezgi, the brand makes growing plants fun and easy. Therefore, the representation of the brand should be both fun and related to nature.


Playful Logo Design & Natural Colours

The business card design is simple yet striking, using two contrasting colours (green and orange) to break through the neutral feel of the overall branding.

“Oasis proceeded with green and natural colours. At the same time, succulent and cactus icons are incorporated into the logo and pattern,” Ezgi said.

Oasis cacti logo


Vintage Typography & Business Card Printing

The typefaces used are DTGetaiGrotesk for the logotype and Routen Stamp for the secondary font.

Both fonts are distinct in their own ways; one is a bold and modern vintage font, while the other is a monoline script typeface that exudes a retro feel.

Their contrasting characteristics, especially the thick and thin font types, balanced the overall design beautifully.

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“The playful font (for the logotype) was used to highlight the brand’s fun and educational side,” Ezgi explained.

These business cards are not printed, but if they were, Ezgi suggested having them printed using an embossed printing technique to give dimension to the green parts.


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Designed by Ezgi Duman

For Oasis

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