Nuka Design Studio Business Card

Karina Nussbaum designed these business cards for her design studio, Nuka.

“Nuka is my design studio, so in this case I am my own client. In my everyday work, I like working very closely with the clients, keeping them up to date on the design process and accepting as much as I can their input. In this case, I decided to relate my identity to design history. I used Bauhaus as an inspiration and applied pastel colors,” Karina said.

These business cards are not printed yet, but Karina has a good idea how they will turn out, “I will print them on 300gr paper with matte lamination finish.”

All in all, this is a minimal business card design that’s pleasing to look at while maintaining a clean and professional design.


Designed by Karina Nussbaum

For Nuka

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